The Water Management Information Systems (WaterMIS) site aims at encouraging the use of information technology to improve the Water Management processes, such as optimal water allocation, on large and complex irrigation systems. It includes research work done by the author leading to the development of the IRMOS Water Management model as part of a PhD programme completed at the University of Southampton U.K. in 1994.


Welcome to the WaterMIS site! It contains original research, publications and work in the field of Water Management by the author (featuring the IRMOS irrigation water management model) together with links to related sites


Introducing the IRMOS Model The IRrigation Management and Optimisation System (IRMOS) was developed in 1992-1993 by Alwin L. Hales as part of a PhD programme at the University of Southampton U.K. The original version of the IRMOS model is available for download together with a sample database to allow immediate trial of the model.........

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